I am an illustrator/ oil-painter based in Norway.

I work mainly with  pen, pencil and oil.

My work make reference to early children’s illustrations and I often use a range of new and vintage photographs as points of reference, combining and reworking them to create a unique image of my own. I have a particular affinity for the natural world and it`s beauty.

Some of my work are close to photorealistic and in them my main interest is in creating a sense of mood and atmosphere .

My clients are many and formats range from commercial art used in ads or fashion-illustrations, to storyboards and huge wallpaintings.

I am represented worldwide by AGENT MOLLY & CO in Stockholm. www.agentmolly.com

Contact me directly;


+47 93 43 99 13

Or contact my agent;

Felicia Elling Falk  


+46 8 122 079 30       

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